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The Theatre at St. Claude proudly announces a month of Halloween programming that offers fun for the whole family… if your family is The Addams’ Family. 

Turn on your nightlight, because laughter and chills are on the bill. A comedy fest, a blood soaked burlesque, tiny tales of terror, and an-election-under-the-bed are all coming this October.

The Hell Yes Fest (October 6th-16th

The New Movement’s popular comedy festival returns, and The Theatre at St. Claude will be the host of sketch routines, stand-up, and offbeat offerings designed to tickle your funny bone.

Check the “Hell Yes Fest” website for details.

Slashed and Stripped (October 23rd)

Theatrical fantasist Melody Thick presents, hosts and unleashes a movie slasher themed burlesque evening of bump and grindhouse. 

Showcasing the talents of national burlesque performer Vita Devoid, “Slashed and Stripped” features May Hemmer, Dahlia Dolorosa, The Reverend Spooky Lestrange and Azazel Von Satan. Prizes, mystery guests, and all your favorite killers lurking in the dark with be present when the doors open at 7:30 for an 8:30 show.

Things That Go Trump In The Night (October 20th-November 4th)

New Orleans premiere storyteller turns out the lights and spins his scariest one-man show… The 2016 Presidential Election.

An evil presence threatens the whole world, and only one thing can stop them… A vote. 

But will it be enough?

The creator of “Be A New Orleanian,” “The Island of Dr. Fitzmorris,” and “Urban Education Smackdown,” Fitzmorris mixes his love of politics, horror movies, and nostalgia into a dangerous one-man formula that turns Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and The Donald Himself into the central monsters of their own horror movie.

Included with “Things That Go Trump In The Night” will be a different curtain-raiser monologue written by a local author and featuring the talents of Kimberly Kaye, Bunny Love, Matthew Mickal, and many others.

Shows on Thursday-Saturday at 8 with final show Friday November 4th.

Justin Maxwell’s “Niagara Falls” has been postponed until January where it will receive a full month’s production.